About DBCoverzzz

Diane Cohen is the Owner and Inventor of DBCoverzzz, based in Bedford, MA. Throughout her career, she has become an expert in customer service, and is particularly adept at helping people by creating solutions that make their lives easier.

She attributes her success to her strong work ethic and passion for her inventions. Diane became interested in invention while researching the patenting process. Her first invention was born out of necessity; she purchased two expensive dog beds for her new puppy and when they became dirty, Diane realized she could not wash them. She searched for pet bed covers but did not find any, leading her to invent her own. Having done the patenting research for a friend, she was already familiar with all of the companies she needed for her product to come to life. Diane spent 9 months measuring a variety of pet beds and worked with the sewing companies to create samples, prototypes and eventually settling on a final design for MypetDBC. She went on to invent the Pillow Pocket Pal for people to keep important items close as they slept, and the Shuteye Pillowcase to help people with erratic sleep schedules to enjoy a good night’s sleep any time of day.  The Shuteye Pillowcase is also important to people of all ages that suffer from migraines, concussions, PTS and Cancer Patients.  Keeps head warm light out and small noise while sleeping.

Diane has said the most gratifying aspect of her career is the reaction she receives when people see her product and their excitement in anticipation of the helpful solutions all three of DBCoverzzz products solve.  #DBCoverzzz