Diane Cohen recognized for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in entrepreneurship.

Diane Cohen Invented, Designed and Markets the MyPetDBC, Pillow Pocket Pal and Shuteye Products. Ms. Cohen created these products to help improve people’s everyday lives.

Ms. Cohen has three years of professional experience, with two years as the owner of DBCOVERZZZ. Throughout her career, she has become an expert in customer service, and she is particularly adept at helping people by creating solutions to make their lives easier. On a daily basis, she works to promote her products, which she also sells through DBCOVERZZZ website, Overstock.com and many other various ecommerce companies and at craft fairs. She also works with marketing companies to promote all three products. She is presently developing a commercial which will be airing in May for the Pillow Pocket Pal which became patented in April 2015. She is also working to patent Shut-Eye, a pillowcase with light shielding head cover made with black out material in the flap.

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